THE DCS Finder Pack


The DCS long-distance casting sonar allows you to cast your sonar 100 meters+ using your spod rod.

It's ideal for anglers who don't like to use a bait boat or for use on those waters where bait boats are banned.

Rigorous testing has shown that this sonar will transmit pretty much as far as you can cast it when set up correctly* - Horizon Tackle's record stands at 157 yards!

Coupled with the reliable Horizon Fish Finders Standardplus+ receiver, you have a lightweight, compact finder pack that easily fits into the mobile anglers' kit.


Cast the DCS to your chosen area and slowly retrieve to find bars, drop-offs, gullies and other fish holding features on the bottom of your lake.

You can now cast your sonar as far as a marker float.




Full instructions are included with every pack and the phone number at the bottom of the page is there for you to ask questions and make orders so please use it!

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*depending on weather conditions and interference from other radio sources.


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